Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"First love may not be your best love," Michelle Atkinson, Southern girl, age 8

My then 8 yr old & 6 yr daughters accompanied a friend & I to the movie "Enchanted". It had wonderful puns, inside jokes and allusions to other Disney Princess movies that were intended for the adults in the audience...and maybe some very astute, precocious kids.

I encourage nice, Southern girls who are growing up or who are grown, but finding themselves, to see this movie! The Princess saves the Prince & discovers a lot about herself & her strengths in the process!

After the movie I asked my girls what lessons that they learned from this Disney Princess movie.

Anna, age 6: "Even if the boy WANTS to kiss you, you don't have to kiss him back."

"GREAT lesson!" I responded.

Michelle, age 8: "Mamma. I learned two things:
A princess doesn't need a prince to save her. And,
Your first love, may not be your best love."

And that is a WONDERFUL lesson for all princesses & Southern belles & recovering Nice Girls.

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