Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The joke that started it all:

An old joke:

Three southern belles, in fact, sorority sisters, are in rocking chairs on the veranda, passing a hot summer day bysipping mint juleps and talking about presents that they got for college graduation.

The first keeps prattling on about her daddy, Beauregard, taking her on a tour of Europe. The third girl said: "That's nice...."

The second belle said her Daddy bought her a diamond necklace, and a new sports car. The third girl responded with, "That's nice..."

The first asks, "Well, what did your Daddy do for you?"
The third replies, "He sent me to finishing school."

The second belle asks, "Finishing school? What did you need with finishing school after college?"
The third replies, "That's where they taught me to say 'That's nice...' instead of 'Fuck you.'"

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